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Leave desktop programs behind!

March 10, 2010

It’s now safe to leave your desktop-based programs behind. We’ve had hundreds of requests for a Blvd to UnitWise migration tool, and it’s available now.

Importing your Blvd customers and invoices is easy. Just download a small program from the Tools menu, abd it will take care of the rest, organizing your Blvd data into UnitWise compatible files. The whole thing will take you just a few minutes. Watch the video below for a full info migration walk through.

Easy right? You can get started now by clicking on the Tools link in your UnitWise account.

If you’re still not a UnitWise member, what are you waiting for? You can bring all your old info with you. It’s like switching from black and white TV to color. Head to to sign up now!


New Features: New menu, Back Order, Replacements and more

March 9, 2010

UnitWise is seeing some changes this week–all to make it better and easier to use. Let’s check them out.

First, you probably noticed the menu system is a little different. The extra menus are no longer on the left side. We thought we’d de-clutter things a bit and give you more room to move about the program. This is how it used to look:

This is how it looks now:

All the menu options you’ve come to know are still there, so don’t worry. To see them, just click on that little tab on the right. Watch the video below to see it in action.

We also have new options for creating a back order and making replacements. These can be found on the Inventory page. We’ll have a video up shortly on how to use these great features.

We’ve got one more feature to show you–Blvd Migration–this one was requested by hundreds of users. We can’t wait to unveil it. Check here tomorrow to see it in action.

As with any of our new features, many of these came from suggestions and feedback from our awesome users. If you have any more, please let us know.