The New and Improved UnitWise!

Have you been to UnitWise lately? If so, you may have noticed we changed some things around. The site now has a fresh summer look, with vibrant colors and floral accents. The changes aren’t just cosmetic though, we’ve added a number of improvements to the site. Here are just a few:

Social Media Updates
We’ve made a number of great improvements to the social media section:
-Your website now has vertical navigation for all your pages–a neat and tidy solution for those of you with dozens of pages
-Your website can now display your Twitter feed (if you’ve linked your Twitter account to UnitWise)
-You can now password protect pages! Make pages just for your Unit!
-You can upload photos and documents to your website and access them whenever you want through your image library.

We’ve made a variety of usability improvements that speed up the program and make it easier to use. We’re also hard at a work on a new help system that will be even more helpful–loaded with tons of informative tidbits and videos.

This is just the tip of the iceberg folks! There are more changes and updates coming this summer! If you’d like to check out UnitWise, feel free to email us and set up a live demo, or sign up now for 15 days free!


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