The best browser for you

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We’ve had a lot of questions about browsers lately, so I thought I’d tackle the issue here.

A browser is what you use to surf, or browse, the internet. There are a several different browsers available, all of them free. Here are the most popular.

Internet Explorer
If you’re a Windows user, this is your default browser. It comes pre-installed on your computer. A few years ago IE was the top browser, simply because everyone had it. While IE still owns a majority of the market, the alternatives have eaten up a lot of ground thanks to rich features and speed. Though it might run a bit slower, it comes pre-installed and it’s compatible with just about every website out there.

FireFox is an excellent alternative to IE. It runs faster and it was one of the first alternative browsers to feature tabbed browsing. What’s really great about FireFox is the vast library of add-ons. From screen capture tools that let you easily take snapshots of websites, to music players, to mail and calendar organizers, Firefox has it all. Installing add-ons is as easy as clicking a button and restarting your browser. To download FireFox and to check out the add-on library, visit

Chrome is a relatively new browser from Google. It’s sleek, customizable and fast. Though it doesn’t have as many add-ons as FireFox, it offers a number of alternatives to some of the most popular FireFox add-ons. Chrome runs faster but might not be the best bet for an aging computer, especially if you’re using a Mac. To download Chrome and to check out the add-ons available, visit

These are some of the most popular browsers, but they aren’t the only options.  For Mac users, there’s Safari, the pre-installed browser. And there’s also Opera, a popular alternative.

These browsers are free, so feel free to download one (or all of them) and test drive them for a while. You can import your bookmarks and login/password information from your old browser in most cases. Choose the one that works best for you.

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