New themes are here!

We’ve been working hard on some new themes for your website. Like the one you see here. This one is called Radiance. It comes in a number of pleasing shades. As promised, we’re working on more of these themes. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

What else are we bringing you? There’s the Blvd Migration tool, the new menus, and new social media features.  We’ve also fixed some minor bugs and sped up the customer center.

We’ve received a number of requests for a mobile version of UnitWise. Rest assured, we are working on that. Right now you can use UnitWise on your mobile browser, just like any other website. It might be kind of small, but everything works, so if you need to create a quick invoice or add a contact on the go, that will do in a pinch. In later spring/early summer, we’ll have a version optimized for mobile phones.

If you’re going to a career conference in Knoxville, Charlotte, or Little Rock, look for us there! We’ll be on hand to spread the word and answer any UnitWise questions.


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