UnitWise is growing!

It’s been just over a month and the response to UnitWise has been great. Hundreds of people joined the UnitWise family in February. Though the launch deal has ended, we have a new promotion coming that’s even better. Stay tuned to the blog for more on that.

March is going to be an exciting month. We’ve got all kinds of great new features in the works, some of which are live now, others which will be up in the coming days and weeks. Many of these new features came from suggestions from our UnitWise users. We’re always open to suggestions, comments and feedback. We want to make a program that does everything our users need it to do. So check out these new features.

New features up now:
-A new product replacement form
-Quick and easy loan, borrow and exchange options
-An option to create historic invoices that will not have an impact on your inventory

Coming next week:
-Information migration from Blvd–ready by Friday, March 5
-More MK themed website templates

Following week:
-Password protection for specific pages on your website
-Weekly accomplishment features

We’re also working to strengthen the overall speed and performance of the program. We’ll be making videos and blog entries to introduce you to these new features as they roll out, so stay tuned to the UnitWise blog.


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