Social Media 101: Blogging

When you sign up with UnitWise, you get your own website and blog. Some of you may already be blogging, so the controls, terms and functions of the blog section in UnitWise will be familiar to you. For everyone else, it can be a bit scary. That’s why I’ve compiled a short list of blogging basics to get you started.

How it works

A blog has posts, the same way a diary has entries. Each times you create a blog post, it goes to the top of your blog, pushing the older ones down. Posts can have anything in them: words, videos, pictures, links and more.

At the bottom of each post is a space for comments (if you’ve enabled this feature, it is on by default in UnitWise).  This is where you can interact with your readers.

Categories and Tags

Categories and tags are important because they help organize your blog and make posts easier to find in search engines.

Categories-UnitWise gives you a number of default categories, but you can edit, delete, or add to those if you want.  Categories are broad. Think of it like classes in school. “Math” is the overall subject, but your particular class might be about algebra. Your category might be “Family,” while your newest post deals with your sister’s new baby.

Tags-Tags are post descriptors of your own creation, think of them as min-categories. If you’re writing a post about a family vacation, you might use tags like “Vacation,” “Hawaii,” “Family fun.”

What to post

If you’re an MK consultant or director, there are some rules you need to follow, which can be found at the MK site. Aside from those, there are some general rules you might want to abide by if you want to bring more people to your site.

If you’re mixing a bit of business with your personal blog, make sure to keep a steady balance. Don’t get too personal, it could turn away customers, but don’t get too profession either, otherwise it will feel like some corporate publicity stunt. Share events from your life and how your business weaves in and out of those. Post pictures or testimonials of happy customers.


Commenting is one of the best part of blogs, and they can be a great boost to traffic if you choose to participate. If you’re familiar with Facebook, then using comments will be easy. When someone leaves a comment on your blog, it’s a lot like when someone leaves a comment on your Facebook wall. You’ll get an email and you’ll be prompted to reply  to the comment.

Blogging is a give and take activity. If you want people to make comments, you should reply to what they say promptly. If they have a blog of their own, you should make an effort to visit it and post comments when you can.

Blogging in UnitWise

Posting a blog in UnitWise is easy. Check out this video for a quick walk through:


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