Let’s do a demo!

UnitWise has been out for less than two weeks and the response is great. We’ve got a ton of people asking for demos, so I thought we’d post some info here.

If you’d like to do a live demo–as in we come in person with our big screen and good looks–and you live in the southeast region, email us at Heroes@unitwise.com and we can set something up.We’ll need you to gather up at least seven people, the more the merrier.

If we can’t get together in person, don’t worry, we can still do a demo. Using some handy online software, we can invite you to a virtual conference room, where you’ll be able to see our screen and hear our voices as we walk you through the program.

Our demos usually run around 45 minutes and if it’s live, we’ll bring the screen, the computer and the internet, you just bring the smiling faces.

So what do you say? Want to set one up? If you’re curious about how the program works, this is the best way to do it, plus it’s totally free.


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