A UnitWise exclusive!

Need another reason to become a member of UnitWise? We’ve got a good one for you!

UnitWise is proud to be the only software developer for independent beauty consultants to offer ProPay’s new ProtectPay system.

What’s ProtectPay? It’s ProPay’s new powerful and secure data repository that will enable you to safely store payment information for future transactions.

See in other programs, especially those desktop-based programs, the credit card and payment information is stored in a text file on your computer, and that’s not good. What if someone steals your computer? What if you get a malicious virus? All that payment information is in danger, which could lead to monetary theft, identity theft, and (gulp) class action lawsuits.

You won’t have those risks in UnitWise. We’ve partnered with ProPay to provide you with their safe and secure ProtectPay system, free of charge! ProtectPay removes the need for you to store, transmit or process customer payment data, which removes the risk from you.

Here’s how it works: you input the data, it gets sent to ProtectPay where it is safely stored behind their secure encrypted system, and you still have access to that information for future transactions. The best part is that you won’t even have to leave UnitWise to do it. It’s seamless and easy, plus it keeps you and your customers safe.

Again, UnitWise is the only software developer for Mary Kay* consultants offering ProtectPay, and that’s due to our hack-proof security measures. If you’d like to learn more about ProtectPay visit the ProPay site here. To find out more about UnitWise, you know where to go.

*UnitWise is not associated with Mary Kay


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