A sneak peek at UnitWise

The Beta is in full swing, and early feedback is positive. Since it’s a Beta, not everyone can get in. I know, it’s rough standing behind the velvet rope, but worry not friends, I’ve got some goodies for you while you wait.

Here’s a sneak peek of the Dashboard page, your home base inside UnitWise (click the image for a larger version).

Those little windows you see are widgets. These widgets give you a snapshot of what’s happening that day. You’ll see upcoming birthdays, pending invoices, tasks and appointments, and system updates from us. You can move these widgets by dragging them  anywhere, and you can change the colors to your liking.

Here’s a cool little extra; see that sticky note icon up in the corner? If you click on it you’ll get a sticky note you can write on and move all over the screen. No more sticky notes along the sides of your computer monitor!

That’s all I can show you now. The Dashboard, and UnitWise, has many more goodies in store for you. If you haven’t been by the site yet, please do. View the features, watch a demo, and sign up now!


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