The sneak peak

This Thursday we will launch the Beta version of UnitWise. During the Beta phase, which will run for about two and a half weeks, only a select number of people will be allowed to use the program, though anyone that wants to register after the 14th can do so and we’ll send you a personal invitation when the full version is ready to go. The Beta users are going to use the program for a few weeks, report any bugs we need to squash, and get to know the program. When the full version launches, they’ll be there to help others, because that’s what Mary Kay is all about, which is why we wanted to do business with MK consultants and directors–they’re quality people.

If you’ve received a Beta invite, sign up on Thursday and let me know if we can help you. Everyone else, please stop by the site, check out the features, view the demo video, and sign up for a personal invite.


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