Welcome to The UnitWise Blog!

Hello. If you’re reading this, hopefully that means you have an interest in UnitWise. Since UnitWise hasn’t officially gone live, that means you know things others don’t. You’ve heard rumors…rumors like “I heard there’s a new program coming to make selling Mary Kay easier, more efficient,” or “I hear there’s an online management program that’s like 12 programs in one, and it’s awesome,” or “I hear in survival situations you can eat duck tape.”…okay, maybe I was the only one to hear that last one.

However you found your way here, we’re glad you did. Who’s we? I guess “we” is me, Austin. I’m the VP of Marketing for SPAN Enterprises, the company that created UnitWise. I’m not the only one punching the keys–we’ve got a whole team of passionate people working on this program–but everyone else is kind of busy doing that whole programming thing, so that just leaves me to speak for them and tell you how awesome UnitWise is. It’s really awesome.

Seriously, every time I log in and see the latest build I’m blown away. This program is huge, it does everything from customer and inventory management, to providing you with a custom website and blog.

We’ve made it as user-friendly as possible, but we know it can be hard to switch to a new program. So we made this blog to house tutorials, how-to’s and updates. We’re doing everything we can to make UnitWise easy for you to use. Of course, you can’t use it yet, it’s not ready. Keep watching this blog though and I’ll let you know when it is.

Thanks for stopping by!


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